Religious Education

Religious Education for 2023-2024 will begin on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:15PM. Registration for classes will be held the last two weeks of June. It is necessary for you to call the parish office (313-291-6464) and schedule an appointment to register your child(ren) for next year. Here are the dates and times registrations will be taken. Registrations will be scheduled in 15 minute increments so that you will not have to wait. We ask that you please be on time for your scheduled appointment to keep registrations moving.

Tuesday, June 20        1:30 – 4:00 PM and 6:00-7:45PM

Wednesday, June 21   9:15 – 11:45AM

Thursday, June 22       1:00 – 4:00PM

Tuesday, June 27        1:30 – 4:00PM and 6:00-7:45PM

Wednesday, June 28   1:00 – 4:00PM

You will be given the next available time slot when you call the office for your appointment. If you give us the date you are interested in, we will tell you what time is available.

The tuition, book and fee rates for the 2023-2024 year are as follows:

Tuition (1 child)                                  $90.00

Tuition (2 children)                             $140.00

Tuition (3 or more children)               $160.00

Book fee                                             $35.00 per child

First Communion fee                          $35.00 per student receiving First Communion

Confirmation fee                                 $50.00 per student being confirmed

All book fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. All tuition and fees must be paid in full by September 22, 2023. Please note that all fees and expenses paid are none refundable!!!  We will accept checks (payable to St. Alfred Parish), cash or credit cards (4% processing fee on all credit card transactions).

If you are registering someone new to St. Alfred’s program, you must bring their birth certificate and baptismal certificate. We will take a photocopy of the certificates and return the originals to you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by calling the office (313-291-6464, x3102) or emailing Kathy Operhall  at [email protected].