Stewardship | Corresponsabilidad


As Christian stewards we are aware that everything we have, including our financial resources, ultimately comes from God. As consumers, we are constantly tempted to use our financial resources in a way that is not consistent with the teachings of Sacred Scripture. While facing these challenges, it is our responsibility to examine our spending habits and prioritize giving back to God a planned, proportionate and sacrificial portion of our financial resources.

I ask that you reflect on the Stewardship of Treasure. I then ask you to respond to the statements provided in the Card as your circumstances allow.

Father Charles

Stewardship of Treasure

Part of our journey of faith involves making a planned, proportionate and sacrificial gift back to God through our community of faith.

This Stewardship Commitment Card allows us to prayerfully reflect on exercising good stewardship over the money we offer back to God.

Traditionally, Catholics have been asked to prayerfully consider giving 5% of their annual income back to God through their parish offertory, 1% to the Archdiocesan annual appeal (CSA) and 4% to a charity or worthy cause of their choosing.

Proportionate Parish Giving Chart

Commitment Card - English